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Janey Godley has revealed she has been practicing getting out of bed every day as she prepares to go under the knife to have a cancerous tumour removed.

Last month the comic took to social media to announce the devastating news she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The 60-year-old will undergo a hysterectomy early next month to remove the tumour which should have been removed by now - but Janey's operation was put back seven weeks because she contracted Covid-19 shortly after her diagnosis.

Janey, who has admitted she is terrified of having the operation, has kept fans updated on her progress since her diagnosis and said she has been mentally preparing herself for the huge procedure.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Been practising getting in and out of bed for post surgery - apparently thats a tough move when your giblets have been whipped out and your stomach is full of stitches - so far am not progressing."

And fans replied to her post, reassuring that getting out of bed isn't that bad and others even offered advice.

One wrote: "Getting out of bed is a skoosh compared to doing your first post-surgery poo. Trust me. That's what you should be practicing."

Another added: "One day at a time Jane. Trust your med team."

While one said: "Big Bridget Jones pants, nightshirts and drawstring joggers were lifesavers for me."

And one joked: "Honestly your gut instinct will tell you how to do it. No pun intended!"

Last month Janey told Lorraine Kelly she and her daughter Ashley are extremely close, having a very open and honest conversation about her diagnosis - but she had to make a wee joke about it to make them laugh.

She said: "I said to Ashley, if anything happens please don't play rubbish songs at my funeral, we've had an open, honest and funny conversation."

Just this week, Ashley revealed she and her mum may have written their final joke together.

Ashley tweeted: "This is going to sound really weird, but if mum dies in surgery... well we've written her final joke.

"It's going to kill. Also there will be a Hashtag in her wee funeral pamphlet for funeral selfies (which I encourage). Morbid. But talking about it made me feel better."

She added: "I'm going to call it her funeral Programme like at a theatre, and just have a page with her previous shows listed and an advert for a local restaurant.

"Get some buzz going for the show... Is it illegal to charge admission for a purvey? Get a wee table up the back with Janey Godley's Funeral commemorative mugs."

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