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A womans body undergoes a gazillion changes all throughout her life. Right from her first period, engaging in sex for the first time to getting pregnant and going through menopause; its a whirlwind for a woman at every stage of her life. Biologically, menopause initially hit women in their later 40s. However, the scenario is quite different today. In todays day and age where our lifestyles have been majorly compromised, menopause can hit a woman in her early 30s as well. Theres nothing wrong with that because its something thats totally out of control, but having your uterus removed can have some extreme effects on your body. Lets discuss those in detail once we have decided what exactly uterus removal is like for a woman.Is Vaginal Tightness Affecting Your Sex Life? Causes and Ways to Make Your Vagina More Flexible for Orgasmic Intercourse,

To begin with, the concept of getting the uterus removed is called a hysterectomy. The removal of the uterus and cervix is performed surgically after getting approval from a qualified doctor. Once a hysterectomy is surgically performed, it can lead to several changes in the body of a woman. And those are:

Along with physical changes, the mental health of a woman is also affected after undergoing hysterectomy. An online report suggests that studies have revealed that women who underwent removal of uterus and ovaries suffered from anxiety, depression and dementia.

Since estrogen is produced in the ovaries, removal of them will obviously cause a loss of sex drive. Women who have had their hysterectomy done will not feel a strong urge to have sex leading it to a reduced or loss of sex drive. Some doctors also recommend estrogen replacement therapies but its important to configure its after-effects before going ahead with it.

Vaginal dryness can often be encountered with once the ovaries and uterus are removed. However, one can always resort to lubricants like coconut oil and petroleum jelly to get rid of it.

While it is kind of obvious that your sex life is going to be affected once you get a hysterectomy done, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make things smoother in bed. Those are:

One of the main reasons why women opt for hysterectomy is heavy period flow, which in turn causes fibroids. Fibroids cause excruciating pelvic pain, which if left untreated, can have adverse effects on a womans body. For instance, it can affect fertility negatively and lead to ectopic pregnancies. Fibroids can also lead to premature deliveries and lead to abnormal bleeding.

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Hysterectomy: Can it Lower Your Sex Drive? Know the After-Effects of Removal of Your Uterus - LatestLY

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