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A mom expecting her second child says a feeling she had while pregnant saved her life.

A mom expecting her second child says a premonition she had while pregnant saved her life when it came time for her to deliver. The woman was excited to have another child, but during her pregnancy, she felt something was off. She had a premonition while pregnant, and as fate would have it, that same premonition is what saved her life.

The 42-year-old woman, Steph Arnold, and her husband, Jonathan, were thrilled to find out they'd be welcoming a baby boy into the world. The couple dreamt of having a son, so their daughter, 18-month-old Adina, and Jonathans daughter from a previous relationship, 5-year-old Valentina, would have a little brother. When the couple found out their next child would be a boy, they already knew they'd name him Jacob.

All was going well until Steph received concerning news at her 20-week scan, according to The Sun. She learned that she had a condition called placenta previa, meaning her placenta was growing on top of her cervix. The radiologist said because of the condition, Steph would have to deliver her son via C-section. Steph was not too concerned just yet, as she had delivered her daughter Adina via C-section too. She was ready to learn more about her condition on her own time, however, and started researching online. She found that in rare cares of her condition, a more serious condition can develop called placenta accreta. If developed, this can cause severe hemorrhaging, an emergency hysterectomy, or even death could occur. All of a sudden, Steph says the hair on the back of her neck stood up, and she knew that would be her experience. She also knew that the condition would kill her. She turned to her husband to tell him that she would die during delivery, but the baby would survive. Her husband tried to calm her down, telling her that was the worst-case scenario.

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But as weeks went by, the mother could not help but feel worried, and that she might in fact be the worst-case scenario. One day, she was with her daughter at the park when she saw an empty fountain. She had a vision that blood was coming out of the fountain and also running down her thigh. Jonathan took Steph to the hospital to be checked out, but she says doctors dismissed her concerns, saying she merely imagined the blood on her thigh. From that moment on, premonitions of her death during delivery continued to happen. She saw specialists to clear up any underlying concerns, but everything came back negative.

A week before Steph was set to have her C-section in May of 2013, she started bleeding heavily. She called Jonathan and then went to the hospital where doctors told her she had high blood pressure. The baby would have to be delivered at that moment. She begged the doctors to wait for her husband, but they told her she would be fine. So, she texted Jonathan a goodbye message and kissed her daughter, thinking the operating room would be her last place alive. Then, one day, Steph woke up, and saw her husband by her side, crying. She panicked and asked if she was still pregnant. Jonathan told her Jacob was fine, but she had been in a coma for six days. After delivering Jacob, fluid entered Stephs bloodstream, which caused anaphylactic shock, also known as amniotic fluid embolism. Steph went into cardiac arrest and started to hemorrhage. She had died on the operating table, but 37 seconds after she died, doctors were able to revive her. Before the operation, Steph left notes for doctors that, thankfully, one specialist saw. Steph told them in the notes that a crash cart and extra blood should be kept in the room during delivery. Her visions and the specialist who honored her notes saved her life.

Since that day, Steph has had more visions but doesn't consider herself to bepsychic. She even wrote a book about the day of her delivery titled 37 Seconds. Although years have passed since that terrifying day, Steph says she believes she was meant to be with her family, and always follows her gut if she senses something is wrong.

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Source: The Sun

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