A gynecologist refused a lesbian woman a hysterectomy in case her sexual orientation changes and wants kids – indy100

A lesbian woman took to Twitter to share a shocking experience with her gynecologist that delegitimized her sexuality.

Twitter user @RachChamp_ expressed her frustration on the platform after claiming a medical professional refused giving her a hysterectomy in case she separates from her wife in the future and decides she wants kids with a man.

Cant believe that today a gynecologist told me that a hysterectomy wouldnt be considered as an option for my debilitating period pain on the off chance that I divorce my wife, my sexual orientation changes, I meet a man and decide I want children, Rachel wrote.

Rachel gave further context in a follow up tweet, Its worth adding that Im 27 and Ive had severe pain since I first got my period when I was 10. Ive had two surgeries (1 with ovarian drilling), tried three different contraceptive pills, the mirena coil, and have tried every combination of painkillers. Nothing has helped.

Not only is this experience extremely frustrating to read, but it also reinforces the idea that a womans body servesabove all elseas a means to have kids. Theres plenty of women who never want children. Not to mention, theres tons of options for those that do want kids that doesnt involve them being pregnant. Its 2021 after all.

Moreover, if someone is saying they are experiencing debilitating pain, has tried both surgeries and medicine with no relief, the doctors comments on their personal life are not only inappropriate but also unwarranted.

In the replies, many Twitter users shared their own infuriating past experience with their doctor.

Its ridiculous. My friend wanted tubes tied after her SEVENTH kid. Not allowed because at age 31 she is too young and might want more. SEVEN, wrote one user.

Others used Rachels story to advocate for women receiving better, less intrusive, medical treatment.

We shouldn't have to fight for medical care, if a hysterectomy is an effective treatment for a medical condition then all doctors should need is your consent. It's almost like they think women don't understand what it is! Why do we need anyone else's consent for needed treatment.

In response to one of many Twitter replies, the original posters wife chimed to share her own thoughts.

the annoying thing is Im her wife and I have perfectly working everything, so surely if we wanted kids we could just use mine?!

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A gynecologist refused a lesbian woman a hysterectomy in case her sexual orientation changes and wants kids - indy100

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