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We have Dr. Mark X Lowney with us who is a renowned Gynecologist. Hes considered the prodigy when we talk about Cosmetic surgeons. Lets see how he became a perfectionist. In this conversation, we have extracted his top secrets to achieve the top position anywhere. So, lets jump right into it,

Q: Where were you born and who compelled you to become a doctor?

A: Born in 1963 in Bainbridge & later moved to Lebanon. I graduated from Boston College in 1985 having a bachelor in biology. Later, received Doctor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut School Of Medicine.

As such, none compelled me to choose Medicine and I was given free-hand by my father to opt whatever I like, I went for it on my own.

Q: Lets admit that you wont notice too many Male gynecologists in the field, why particularly this field?

A: In a male-dominated society, I was cognizant of the problems women face. Im not talking about developing countries but even in developed countries, the situation isnt that good. I wanted to make a change but I always thought how a tiny creature like me could make any difference to this world. But as its said Where there is a will, there is a way, it suits me, I believe this line is written for me. I kept searching how could a doctor help women, then an idea struck and I thought I would be a gynecologist who would help women with their deliveries and as I grew more in this field, I took a step further and studied more and became able to deal with men/women age management issues as well.

Q: If a young guy is reading this, what would you suggest to him?

A: I would highly recommend him to accept that right now in his life that life isnt a bed of roses. You step in your professional life and therere challenges out there waiting already for you. I would strongly recommend you to stay mentally prepared for this.

Im not saying, you would fail but therere a couple of things which you must start practicing right now. After humility, one trait that helped me to get that far was self-discipline. This term doesnt sound like anything to you now, but later youd thank me for telling you to be prepared.

Q: Lets be real and admit that theres always a point in your career when you fail, how do you cope up with such a situation?

A: Since 8, I built up the taste of reading books, Ive got a huge collection of self-help books. Whenever I lost track and experienced something which devastated me, I read such literature which helped me to soothe my mind.

Q: Our researchers told us about your nick- Dr. FeelGood in the hospital, why is it so?

A: Wow! Youve done a great job getting that name out!


To be honest, Ive nothing to say.I ehm! I dont know? Yes, I dont know..

Q: 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?

A: Thanks for asking that question, I always deliberate on this. No matter what, I always look for new ways to challenge myself. I think its the only way for anyone to grow. I want the circumference of my comfort zone to extend, till I die. For this, Ive planned to introduce clinics throughout South Florida and even across New England.


When doing Medicine, I have been away from my family which I have missed a great deal. I look forward to spend more time with my family in the coming times. Ive kids and I want to be their little horse on that carpeted floor, I want to escort them in their lives with complete support from my side in anything they would like to do.

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Profiling the Prodigy: One-on-one Interview with Dr. Mark X Lowney - London Daily Post

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