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MUNHALLColinMochrie guarantees a one-of-a-kind night of hilarity Friday at Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall.

Mochrie and fellow improv geniusBrad Sherwood will bringtheirScared Scriptless Tourto a Munhall crowd that will call the shots.

"You're not going to learn anything, but you'll have a lot of fun," Mochrie said in a Wednesday phone interview.

The two co-stars of TV's "Whose LineIs It Anyway?" improv show will work without ascript, ready to follow the cues of audience members, some of whom will be called onstage to participate in the fun.

"It's family-friendly; never more risquthan 'Whose LineIs It Anyway?'" Mochrie said. "We're aware there might be youngsters at our show, so we keep it a clean, goofy show."

The stage stars get one thing out of the way early.

"We are not political. That's not what we do," Mochrie said.

Instead, it's all games, some that are showcased on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?," including One Word Expert andSound FX.

A simple "What do you do for a living?" query to a randomly chosen audience member often gets met with a reply of"proctologist" or "gynecologist" often in a sequence whereMochrie and Sherwood are creating sound effects.

"So at that point, the question becomes: 'Do we risk having the audience turn on us?'" Mochrie said.

An award-winning comedian and commercial actor in Canada, Mochrielearneda few new tricks while performing virtual improv shows during the pre-vax days of the pandemic, butsays he's grateful to again unleash hiscomedic high-wire act in front of live audiences.

"It's weird doing comedy to silence," Mochrie said. "Well, Brad is used to it."

Ah, a little friendly shade-throwing at his partner Sherwood,also known for his wisecracking commentaryonVH1s "I Love the 70s," (and 80s and 90s) and forheadliningin Las Vegas with pal Drew Carey as a member of the comedy show, Improv All-Stars.

Mochrie and Sherwood both rose to prominence on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" first as frequent players in its original incarnation on Britain's Channel 4 and then as star performers on the American version of the TV show from 1998-2006.

As tour partners who've toiled together 20 years, they've learned to rely on each other's quick-thinking and comedic rhythm, knowing if they momentarily falter during an improv scene, the other one will rally.

There's no "safe word," though, if one of them starts to wig out, "because we're always wigging out, so then you'd keep hearing the same word over and over," Mochrie said.

Most peoplewould be paralyzed by fear if they stoodin front of 1,000 audience members while trying to craftcomedy off-the-cuff.

But improv professionals "learn to depend on some things that are hard to do in real life," Mochrie said. "You have to listen, accept other peoples' ideas and try to make them look good."

Mochrie recalls a Pittsburgh tour stop years ago, where the performerswere surprised to seeSteelers legend Lynn Swann in the audience.

"Brad came up with one of his best improv lines ever something to do with The Immaculate Reception," Mochrie said."He was so pleased with himself, I thought he was going to burst."

That's how it goes with improv, one-of-a-kind moments createdon the spot.

"For our show in Pittsburgh, no one's ever going to see the same thing again," Mochrie said. "It's a show only for you."

Tickets for that 8 p.m. show cost $35.50 to $55.50 at

The venue's website says, "Please be advised, per the artists' request, patrons must remain masked throughout the entirety of the performance in the Music Hall. The venue will have masks available on-site as well. Proof of vaccination or negative test are not required for entry."

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