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You get a good nights sleep, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. But, despite all of your hard work, you still dont feel 100% right all the time.

Women can exhibit unique symptoms compared to men in a number of health conditions. Therefore, its important that they get necessary health screenings before its too late.

Moreover, health screenings are vital for diagnosing diseases at an early stage. This helps in treating diseases right away and preventing severe health complications further down the line.

There are many different types of womans health checks, and the more general ones are great for providing a full body check-up that can throw up any issues that might be present.


Mammograms are x-rayed images of your breast tissues. Specialists use these images to look for early symptoms of breast cancer. You should get your mammogram as soon as you cross 40. In addition, you can consult with your doctor to know how often you may get scanned.

Moreover, if you are a potential breast cancer patient, you might need to take this health screening before the age of 40.

Bone Density Test

Women suffer from weak and frail bones as soon as they start aging. Therefore, a bone density test can assist in evaluating how strong and thick your bones are. It is mainly helpful for detecting osteoporosis in women. The test is performed with a unique x-ray machine for scanning multiple parts of your body.

Once the health screening is complete, your doctor will suggest the perfect treatment for you by assessing your results.

Blood Glucose Test

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that can prevent your body from breaking sugar. As a result, your blood sugar level may increase, which can cause several other health problems. Therefore, you should get your blood glucose tested if you are overweight or between the age bracket of 40 to 70 years.

Blood Pressure Test

If left untreated, hypertension can result in a variety of other health problems, including cardiovascular disease. Therefore, you must get your blood pressure checked annually. So, if you get diagnosed with high blood pressure, you can start managing it before further complications.

Blood Cholesterol Test

Excessive amounts of poor cholesterol, like high blood pressure, can raise your chance of heart disease. Having your cholesterol examined at least once every five years can help you prevent severe health conditions.

Pap Test

Cervical cancer can affect anyone, whether they have an STD or smoke heavily. However, you can detect the disease early by taking a pap test. This test is essential for assessing your cervix cells for any abnormal growth. You can get this well woman check during your routine check-up with your gynecologist.

STD or STI Test

If you engage in sexual intercourse often or have been with multiple partners, you might contract an STD quite easily. So, you must check yourself for any sexually transmitted disease or infection by taking routine tests.

In addition, these health screenings can help diagnose STDs early and treat them effectively. Moreover, it will also save you from serious complications or spreading it to others.

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