Kairuki Hospital (KH)

Welcome to Kairuki Hospital KAIRUKI HOSPITAL (KH) formely known as Mission Michocheni Hospital (MMH) is a service delivery company that provides healthcare to the public, Government agencies, International Agencies, NGO's, Insurance Companies and Self-insured employees. The hospital was established in 1987. Medical Services

Kairuki Hospital offers referral medical services round the clock (24/7) in addition to normal healthcare for both in and out patients.

Ambulance Services operates 24/7 and handles rapid response with a goal of being at a patient's bedside in 30 minutes or less

A wide range of hospital equipment in the form of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic facilities are found at kairuki Hospital.

Inside the hospital there are well qualified and experienced nurse tutors to up to-date our nursing staff in class room and in clinical areas.

KH-STEMM Program and KH-Outreach program where by doctors visits our corporate client at the work place for general medical examinations

We Accept registered with us insurances and also provide contracts for Health Services on cash, capitation and monthly payments all

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Kairuki Hospital (KH)

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