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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (WILX) - A first-of-it's-kind case is headed to the Iowa Supreme Court as a surrogate fights a couple for their baby.

Paul and Chantele Montover used a surrogate to have their nine-month old daughter, but now the surrogate wants the baby back. The Montovers used IVF and hired a surrogate through a written Gestational Carrier Agreement. As part of that they paid her $13,000 to carry their baby.

The Montovers say the surrogate stopped responding to them during the pregnancy and gave birth without telling them.

"She said she didn't trust us anymore, she changed her phone number, we couldn't get a hold of her on social media," Paul said.

"We're very grateful that we have her, but the process to get there has been very expensive and very heartbreaking," Chantele added.

A district court gave custody to the couple. The surrogate filed an appeal with the Iowa Surpeme Court on Wednesday, June 21, saying the baby should be hers since she gave birth to it.

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Surrogate fights parents to keep baby - - WILX-TV

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