Surrogacy Pros and Cons, Challenges and Benefits

Surrogacy can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, both for intended parents and gestational carriers. However, it also requires significant commitment from both parties, and it is important to consider all of the pros and cons of surrogacy before beginning the process.

Below you will find some of the most common surrogacy pros and cons for everyone involved in the process.

For hopeful parents, the benefits of surrogacy seem obvious: it is a way to make their dreams of parenthood come true.

However, the hundreds of families who have completed the surrogacy process will assure you that the pros of surrogacy extend far beyond that. Here are just a few of the advantages of surrogacy for intended parents:

While there are many surrogacy pros for intended parents, there are also some disadvantages of surrogacy for hopeful parents to consider:

As you can see, there are some cons of surrogacy, and this path to parenthood is not right for everyone. However, most families created through surrogacy will agree that once you hold your baby for the first time, the advantages far outweigh any of the problems with surrogacy.

Women considering the amazing gift of surrogacy are often asked, Why surrogacy? Whats in it for you?

Gestational carriers have many different reasons for surrogacy, and each may find different rewards in the experience. Here are just a few surrogacy advantages for these incredible women and their families:

While this process benefits gestational surrogates in many significant ways, there are some challenges and risks of surrogacy to consider before beginning the process, including:

Whether you are considering surrogacy as hopeful parents or a potential gestational carrier, there are many factors to consider before determining that this is the right path for you. To learn more about surrogacy risks and benefits, contact Southern Surrogacy. We can provide additional information about our program and help you determine whether it may be a good fit for you.

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Surrogacy Pros and Cons, Challenges and Benefits

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