Rosanna ‘overwhelmed’ by huge response to emotional interview –

Model Rosanna Davison has been "overwhelmed" by the response to her emotional interview on last Friday's The Late Late Show where she opened up about her miscarriages and surrogacy journey.

peaking to the Sunday Independent after the hugely positive reaction to her appearance, Rosanna said: "I'm feeling extremely grateful, and overwhelmed, by the amazing response and the love, support and positivity shown towards Wes, Sophia and me."

She continued: "We hope that by sharing the heartache and challenges on our journey to parenthood, that we'll give hope and inspiration to others in a similar situation and empower anyone going through the pain and trauma of infertility to open up to a trusted friend or relative because speaking to others really does help the healing process."

The former Miss World spoke honestly about her and husband's experience of welcoming a baby through surrogacy and their numerous miscarriages.

Rosanna and Wes Quirke, welcomed their first child, Sophia Rose Quirke, by gestational surrogacy on November 22 last year.

Their surrogate gave birth to their baby in Kiev, Ukraine, before the couple returned home to Ireland with Sophia two weeks later.

Rosanna spoke of the difficult journey she and Wes navigated before deciding to have a child via surrogate, revealing that the pair have suffered 14 miscarriages since first beginning to try for a baby at the end of 2015, a year after they wed.

"It got to the end of about 2015 and we were keen to start a family," she told Ryan Tubridy. "We went for it, and it happened very quickly, I got pregnant. And, you know, it was all very exciting. I got it confirmed at the GP. I got my bloods done, all was good.

"I had my eight-week scan booked, I told my family at five weeks, and everyone was just thrilled for us, and then, kind of abruptly and quite painfully at six-and-a-half weeks, it all came crashing to an end and I had a miscarriage. I was told by the doctor it was probably due to a genetic anomaly with the embryo and to try again. Tried again, got pregnant quickly again.

"Same thing happened again around six-and-a-half weeks, we lost the baby again to a miscarriage.

"We tried for a third time and I remember going for the blood test, and being told that my HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) was low and that the pregnancy would probably fail, and it did fail. This continued. In total, we had 14 of these early miscarriages."

She said she felt as though she was "dying inside" whenever she was questioned about starting a family.

"It was very frustrating at the time but... I think things are a little bit different now, people are more aware of being sensitive about pregnancy and pregnancy loss, but at the time I remember being asked all the time of, you know, 'Would you ever stop working and ever settle down and have a family?...'

"Towards the end, I got pretty ballsy and started saying, 'Well, actually, I just had a miscarriage and it didn't work out'."

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