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The role of women in today's world has changed significantly and for the better. Theyre wives, mothers, caregivers and breadwinners, often juggling all these roles at the same time. Studies show that women make 80% of the healthcare decisions in their families, often while putting their own health on the backburner. Its high time that we not only encourage, but also empower women to make their health a priority including regularly visiting a doctor, adhering to a healthy diet, exercising, and prioritizing mental health.

Lets hear it from some wonder women who battled Obesity and related diseases and stigma. They tried dieting, lifestyle modifications and exercises, but failed to lose weight in a sustainable manner. What makes these women stand out is that all of them took charge of their body, understood obesity is a chronic health disease. They not only won the battle against obesity, but also regained their health and a new life.

We spoke to Dr Shashank Shah, one of Indias leading obesity surgeons, about the many women warriors he has treated. This is not about a surgery or medical intervention; this is about women finding ways to beat the odds and fight a very dangerous epidemic. This is about celebrating women who have overcome this disease and making others aware because there are many who still dont know about the treatment options available to fight obesity.

One of his best remembered case is that of a patient who called him from Hong Kong after being stopped at immigration due to her drastic transformation. Due to her change in appearance, there was complete mismatch with the photo in her passport. Heres the inspiring stories:

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