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With the third phase of the nationwide lockdown coming to an end, businesses are gradually opening. Filled with optimism, Nova IVF Fertility Clinic has resumed its Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) in regions permitted by local authorities. The clinics are now ready to assist couples seeking ART, under strict vigilance and safety protocols taken for protecting patients and healthcare staff from COVID-19.

Sharing his thoughts on the same, Shobhit Agarwal, CEO, Nova IVF Fertility said, 'Since there was a directive from the government to stop elective procedures, we at Nova IVF Fertility also took the hard call of stopping all clinical services during the lockdown across all our centres. Now, with the lockdown being eased in majority regions, we are delighted to resume assisting couples and encouraging people to come ahead and fulfil their dream of parenthood."

For Agarwal, the safety of his employees and the community is of utmost importance. And as an organisation, Nova IVF has prepared a comprehensive safety guidelines manual. "We have implemented strict guidelines across all operational centres, ensuring no compromise of our employees or patients consulting with us. These times have in fact been challenging, but we are confident with the stringent protocols in place, COVID-19 will not have a substantial effect on the utilisation of IVF services, just like any other medical services," he adds.

The brands new hygiene norms, includes, use of masks and gloves at all times within the clinics, use of sanitisers and thermal screening at all entry points, frequent hand washing / using sanitisers before and after all procedures, maintaining social distancing throughout the clinic, frequent sanitisation of the clinic, use of triage questionnaire for staff and patients to identify and avoid high risk individuals, mandatory download of Arogya Setu App, seeing of patients only by appointments, and use of tele-consultation, whenever possible.

"Many couples who were about to start their treatment had to defer their plans, and even for patients whose treatment was underway, there was a sudden change in their entire treatment process. We are pleased to share this great news for couples who had to defer their dreams of parenthood due to the lockdown," said Manish Banker, Medical Director, Nova IVF Fertility, adding, "We have reopened our clinics as per the Government Guidelines after implementing appropriate COVID-19 protocols to ensure seamless treatments at Nova IVF Fertility. We will continue to strive and pave the way for stress-free and healthy pregnancies for all aspiring mothers especially during challenging times such as this."

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Nova IVF Fertility Clinic resumes the dream of parenthood - The New Indian Express

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