Newborn Giggle

Addy had her first smiles in her sleep. Not the gas smiles, but that big, toothless grin. It was only a few days after I saw that first sleepy smile that I saw the first real one, the first one that was an actual reaction to something.So I knew that when I heard the first laugh in her sleep a few days ago that the real one couldn't be far behind.I put her down for a nap in her swing and walked into the kitchen. Moments later I heard this unfamiliar sound--sort of like a cry but without the same intensity--and I ran back into the room in a panic. Funny how even a laugh, when it's something you're not used to, can get your heart racing as a new mom. But there she was, peacefully asleep, her eyes tightly shut, giggling away like a maniac. Ever since then I've been fruitlessly trying to get that same giggle with her eyes open.Her bevy of toys don't do it--usually she just looks at them in a mixture of amazement and confusion.Last night Jason and I were sitting with her on the sofa, looking like idiots with our ridiculous faces and sounds just trying to get a reaction out of her.I think I've been giving this laugh thing too much thought, as I always do. How do newborns know to register something as funny if they have no prior reference for humor? How would you know when something is funny if everything is as new and unfamiliar to you as the next thing?Jason suggested that the funny faces you sort of can't help but make around a newborn might do it. "It's universal humor," he said. And when that didn't work, he suggested fart sounds. Again, "universal humor."We still haven't gotten that first, bona fide giggle. But we're getting close.

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