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This means that an Intended Parent can now contact Family Solutions International, for expert assistance in family building no matter their location or which stage of the process.

Family Solutions International's CEO, Mary Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS, said that the partnership was a natural step for the three companies and wanted to make sure that people dreaming of becoming parents had their individual needs catered for, no matter where they were in the world.

She said: "We are seeing people with an increasingly wide variety of needs coming to us feeling overwhelmed. They're not sure of the most appropriate path to parenthood for their personal situation, and they're confused by the conflicting information out there.

"We want to help them fix that and make sure there's a clear pathway for everyone to parenthood - no matter what they need, or where they live. This has been my mission since starting my first company in 2007."

Not only does Family Solutions International offer holistic and comprehensive support covering fertility, egg donation and surrogacy but can also provide expert support with all the legal, psychological and financial work that can often be complicated and off-putting.

"Our families make such a personal investment in this process and that's why we believe it's so important that they get a truly personalized service in return, said Ms. Fusillo. "By combining the skills, expertise, and international experience across the three companies we can help people's most cherished dreams come true."

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New One-Stop Fertility Firm Gives Hope To Thousands Of Parents-To-Be - PRNewswire

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