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New fertility calculator for women with breast cancer Published: 05 June 2017 Melbourne researchers are in the process of developing an online fertility calculator for breast cancer suffers.

The tool, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, would help women understand how treatment for the debilitating disease could later impact their chances of conceiving

Unlike current tools, the new online calculator would also consider a womans fertility before cancer treatment begins.

It is understood the tool is being developed by drawing on the global pregnancy, fertility and treatment data of women with breast cancer.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, Dr Zobaida Ebid from the Royal Womens Hospital and University of Melbourne said patients often chose their cancer treatment based on fertility concerns.

Some patients opt for the less effective cancer treatment to preserve their fertility, which may have an impact on recovery or recurrence, she said.

It is really important they make the decision with the correct information about their risk of infertility for both cancer treatment and fertility preservation.

The tool will ultimately help patients to plan for treatment and decide whether to attempt to preserve their fertility prior to treatment for early breast cancer.

Dr Edib added the aim of the tool is to determine the precise risk of infertility, and if done correctly, it could work for others cancers.

Currently there are a number of ways women with breast cancer and preserve their fertility including egg storage and ovarian tissue storage.

Some medications can also assist in protecting eggs from potentially damage during chemotherapy.

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New 'fertility calculator' for women with breast cancer - Ten Eyewitness News

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