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Hanabusa IVF provides a new and proven fertility service that has never been offered to the LGBTQ community before.

"The traditional Reciprocal IVF cost factor was staring us in the face. Like howwere we evergoing to afford this," says Kristen. "Truthfully, I don't know if this pregnancy would have ever happened if we had not learned of Hanabusa IVF."

When the eggs are taken from one partner and the other partner carries the pregnancy, this is called Reciprocal IVF. Reciprocal IVF is an acceptable, successful, and safe treatment option offering good pregnancy outcomes. However, until now, it winds up costing around the same amount as Traditional IVF with donor eggs, averaging about $20,000 plus an additional $7,000+ for fertility medication. "We actually had a couple of friends (same-sex female) that went through Reciprocal IVF," says Kristen. "It wasn't the Low Complexity option; they paid $35,000 to have it done.But,the cost of the Reciprocal Low Complexity IVF treatment is so minimal compared to that."

Hanabusa IVF's Reciprocal Low Complexity IVF program is a fraction of the price, which in total costsaround$6,400. In addition, couples benefit from the fundamentals of shared parenthood through IVF technology, keeping treatment simple and the cost/benefit ratio in check.

Not only was Reciprocal Low Complexity IVF designed to be a more affordable option for LGBTQ couples, but it's also the only treatment option for patients like Kristen and Kim with lifelong health conditions preventing them from undergoing standard fertility treatments. "It's a legit medical reason because, with my condition, the IVF doctor in New Jersey figured that was part of the reason I had a miscarriage," says Kristen. "Between the cost factor and our medical issues, I'm not sure if we could put the pieces together."

Kristen and Kim are expecting a baby girl in December! "If we ever have a second kid, I want to figure out a way to make sure Hanabusa IVF does it. Even if it's traditional IVF, I have so much faith in this process and the doctors," says Kristen.

Hanabusa IVF is an exceptional IVF clinic where they take only a few patients at a time and aim to deliver excellent service on every level. Itprovides patients with a personalized treatment plan, prioritizing quality, comfort, and success. For over a decade, they have pioneered minimal stimulation approaches, combining gentle procedures and state-of-the-art technology, making them the number one specialist in Minimal Stimulation IVF (Mini IVF) in San Diego, CA. For more information,


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New and Affordable IVF Treatment set to Transform LGBTQ Fertility Care - PRNewswire

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