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We run a dairy herd of 350 Holstein cows just outside Omagh.

We started using Rumen Proof last year 2018 as more an experiment than anything else.

We had talked to merchants and other dairy farmers about how RUMEN PROOF had helped solve their laminitis problems, and how fertility and milk yield was part of the major benefits of using Rumen Proof.

In fact, we had very little laminitis in my herd. And we were happy with our milk yield and fertility.

It is of vital importance to us, to keep the Rumen right in our cows. Our cows, are high yielding with an average of 9,800 litres a year. If the stomach goes wrong, everything else seems to go wrong too.

Keith Russell added: We used a range of Rumen enhancing products, which were all based on either a Yeast or pH enhancer. With a bit of research on it, what attracted me to Rumen Proof was their different approach to help create the optimum Rumen Function. Mayo Healthcares Rumen Proof goes directly into helping solve the core causes of acidosis.

Since being on Rumen Proof I have had some surprising results, as I thought before that I was already getting the maximum potential out of my cows. The dungs have tightened up a lot over the whole herd.

Milk Yield has gone up on average 1.5 litres a cow.

Before Rumen Proof, after calving the cows would start to go backwards after a month, the Rumen Proof sorted that out.

The cows peak a lot quicker, and the yield stays up for longer.

Fertility has gone from good to excellent, and I can really notice the strong heats.

I try to get the maximum potential out of my cows, and Rumen Proof has been the perfect compliment for the diet my cows are on.

I like to give different suppliers a turn, so I switch between getting my Rumen Proof off Wayne in Ballylurgan Hardware (Fivemiletown), and Alister in Homeland Agri (Omagh).

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Milk yields and the relationship it has with rumen function - Farming Life

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