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Couple sues fertility clinic after woman gives birth to twins who are not genetically hers

An American couple is suing a California fertility clinic after they gave birth to the wrong twins.

Researchers found that frozen sperm samples subjected to space-like gravity conditions were as viable as those that remained on Earth.

Ashlesha and Arun Raghubir had been trying to conceive for the past 13 years and were about to give up, when a new procedure resulted in the news they'd been longing for.

When looking at ejaculated sperm, researchers found that the extent of sperm DNA damage was much higher in infertile men than in fertile men.

A study found that current users of testosterone or steroids had significantly smaller testicles and lower sperm output compared with men who had stopped using, or who had never taken them.

A successful monkey experiment may help to preserve boys' fertility after cancer treatment.

A new study found that men in couples with recurrent pregnancy loss had twice as much sperm DNA damage and four times the amount reactive oxygen species compared to a control group.

Australian researchers say sheep semen frozen for 50 years has been successfully used to inseminate ewes, resulting in more than 30 pregnancies - demonstrating the viability of long-term storage of semen.

Fertility News | Latest Fertility Treatment | Health24

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