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WASHINGTON, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Concord Coalition and the Global Aging Institute (GAI) have joined forces to produce a quarterly issue brief series called The Shape of Things to Come that explores the fiscal, economic, social, and geopolitical implications of the aging of America. Although the series is U.S. focused, it also touches on the aging challenge in countries around the world and draws lessons from their experience. The first issue brief in the series, "America's Demographic Future," was released today.

"Over the next few decades, the aging of America promises to have a profound effect on the size and shape of our government, the dynamism of our economy, and even our place in the world order," said Richard Jackson, President of GAI who authored the issue brief.

"We hope that this series will inform the debate over the aging of America and help to push it in a constructive direction," said Robert L. Bixby, Executive Director of The Concord Coalition.

The inaugural issue brief discusses the U.S. demographic outlook and the underlying forces shaping it. As with most stories, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that America is not projected to age as much as many of its developed-world peers. The bad news is that the relatively favorable U.S. demographic outlook is deteriorating. America's unusually large Baby Boom, moreover, means that its age wave is rolling in unusually fast. The fiscal and economic shock may thus be as large or even larger than in those other aging countries.

Key findings of the issue brief include:

Next up in The Shape of Things to Come: the potential economic, fiscal, and personal benefits of longer work lives.

The paper, "America's Demographic Future," can be found here.

To hear and see Richard Jackson and Bob Bixby discuss the paper and the overall project, click here for the most recent episode of The Concord Coalition podcast, Facing the Future.

To view this release online, click here.

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Concord Coalition and the Global Aging Institute Introduce New Series With Release of "America's Demographic Future" - Stockhouse

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