10 weeks

I'm amazed that I am able to type "10 weeks" as a title for this post. This is really amazing and I am so excited and pray that everything continues to go well. We are so happy, Super S and I and are just besides ourselves really.
April 26, will be 13w2d and thats when we will go in for the nuchal scan. Its an important day and I pray too that all will turn out well.
I'll be honest I have stopped consulting Dr. Google so much. It makes me crazy when I find something and then I tend to read more into it and of course not fully understand everything and it makes me nervous. This is in regards to everything from size of fetus to heartbeat rate and so on.
But, I didcome acrossthis site, it has videos of fetal abnormalities from nuchal scans and is quite interesting. I only viewed one video and just saved it in my bookmarks. It is very interesting though.
I am not knocking being informed, I am all for it and cannot stress how important it is to be informed. I mean I credit the internet and your blogs and my research into immuneimplantation issues for my successful pregnancy. after the Will of God of course first
So I guess I want to say that while I will continue to educate myself, I am taking alittle break from researching every little aspect of being pregnant and just letting things take their course.
Still waiting for my Bella Bands from the States, my friend should be FEDEX ing them this week, I can't wait. I can still button most of my pants but they are a bit snug now.
I feel hungry all the time. Really, I want to eat everything. I watch myself and don't give in always, but I must say I know I put on some weight from my weigh in last time I was by Dr. K. I will not divulge what it was, but when I saw it I was like damn! He said it was good, LOL ok then.
So Super S's family knows we're pregnant. OMG can I tell you how excited they were! We started by telling his brother, who is not doing well, actually he's pretty sick. Super S said he wanted to give him something to feel good about and boy did he.
See this brother waited 11 years to have a baby back in the day. His son is now like 22 I think. They did not use any medical intervention back then they just kept trying and it finally worked for them. So this was a special thing for him and his wife to hear and they were very happy.
Then we told the rest of his brothers and sisters and his aunt and they are all so so happy and excited too. It was wonderful to see their faces and share this awesome news with them.
I had told my mom and dad awhile back but couldn't get in touch with my sister. I finally got her the other day and told her. She is so happy! She was like "maybe you can give me one.." we laughed so hard, she was joking of course. So now all the important people in our lives know the amazing news.
You guys of course are the privledged ones,the first to know after Super S, cause you're special like that, and I love ya! Oh and maybe because the internet is public domain too?
Another HOT day in Cairo today, forcasting 91 degress for today and its just beautiful. We had our morning coffee, Super S had coffee sitting in the garden and it was just perfect. I wait for the day we are able to take our kids outside and watch them run and play, then itwill reallybe perfect.

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