Vicky Pattison to ditch unhealthy ways after fertility issues as she joins WW – The Irish News

Vicky Pattison said she is looking forward to a healthier life after being told that her previous lifestyle could have impacted on her fertility.

The reality TV star and former Geordie Shore cast member, who has been signed up as an ambassador for WW, formerly Weight Watchers, said her new role is starting at the perfect time after a particularly difficult period in her life and because of her past unhealthy relationship with food.

She joins fellow celebrity ambassadors Robbie Williams, Curtis Pritchard and Alison Hammond.

Pattison, 32, said: My WW journey is starting at the perfect time and Im hoping that it will give me the fresh start that I need.

I was recently told that my previous lifestyle was not actually healthy for me and was shocked to learn it was having an impact on my fertility.

For me, joining WW is not just about being a certain size, but its about being healthy and giving my body a fighting chance so I can hopefully have kids one day.

Last year, Pattison opened up about her struggle to conceive after years of prolific partying in an Instagram post.

She said she had never considered the ramifications of her lifestyle, which played out in front of the nation on MTV show Geordie Shore, and that motherhood had not been a role she had wanted to play when she was younger.

Pattison, who won Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in 2015, also said that she has always loved food in a big way, adding: But it hasnt been the healthiest of relationships and I have a tendency to overindulge when I am not feeling confident or happy.

Other times, I have really restricted myself and worried about my food choices I cant remember the last time I went to a restaurant and selected what I wanted from the menu.

I dont want to have this unhealthy mindset anymore life is for living and the reason Ive joined the WW programme is because its not super restrictive, so it means I dont need to give up things I love.

Pattison, who will follow the WW programme with her mother Carroll, said: Women have to stop being made to feel that they hate their bodies because they arent a certain size.

This negative cycle has to end somewhere, and I want to inspire other women to shift their thinking away from a negative body image and towards creating a positive and loving relationship with their bodies.

Jemma Banks, marketing director, WW, said: We are delighted to welcome Vicky and Caroll Pattison to the family and know that their combined positive energy and mindsets will inspire others.

Were really pleased Vicky is able to work towards her goals alongside her biggest support, her Mum.

We hope to show how you can be better together when embarking on a wellness journey with the support of someone you love, and ultimately inspire and motivate people to lose weight and get healthier.

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Vicky Pattison to ditch unhealthy ways after fertility issues as she joins WW - The Irish News

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