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Here at Above the Law, we know how difficult it can be to have children and successfully return to work, so we make it a habit to applaud the expansion of Biglaw firms parental leave programs especially if theyre gender neutral and applicable to all firm personnel, from staff members to associates. What we rarely have the opportunity to praise are firms that offer health benefits that include fertility treatments and family-planning services not because these benefits dont exist, but because theyre not publicized as often as parental leave plans are.

Hearing that you need assistance to conceive a child can be heartbreaking, and paying for the assistance can be financially out of reach, even for Biglaw employees. Thats why benefits covering fertility and family-planning services are viewed as major perks.

Which firm is willing to step up and assist its associates and staff members when it comes to starting families? Its Weil Gotshal, and firm management says diversity is at the heart of these offerings. The American Lawyer has the details on Weils offerings:

Through a partnership with the fertility management firmWINFertility, both non-J.D. professionals and attorneys enrolled in Weils health benefits plan can elect to do up to three in vitro fertilization cycles. On average,one IVF cyclecosts $10,000in the U.S.

Additionally, employees are being offered elective egg freezing with one free year of storage, a benefit specifically requested by several firm lawyers.

The firm will also reimburse its attorneys and staff looking to adopt or conceive through surrogacy up to $25,000 per event and offer a slew of adoption and surrogacy specialists. The average U.S. adoption costsaround $40,000and surrogacy, on average, costs between$75,000 to over $100,000.

These benefits, along with other recently announced services, are part of Weils plans to compete in the Biglaw benefits arms race to attract and retain diverse employees.

I think in part this is about attracting diverse talent to make sure that this is the kind of firm that will support them in any way that they want to build their family in the future. Its also a retention tool to let them know that we support them throughout their lives, [Meredith] Moore, [Weils director of diversity and inclusion,] said.

Kudos to Weil on its new family-friendly suite of benefit offerings. This is something well keep an eye on as firms continue to cater to work-life balance requests from millennial employees and diversity demands from clients. Hopefully your firm is will decide to offer important benefit policies like these soon if its not doing so already.

Weil Rolls Out Firmwide Adoption and Fertility Reimbursements [American Lawyer]

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Top Biglaw Firm Wows All Employees With New Fertility And Family-Planning Benefits - Above the Law

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