‘The View’: Meghan McCain Is ‘Praying for All Women’ Who Struggle with Fertility and Motherhood – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Meghan McCain wasnt always sure she wanted to be a mother,but that didnt make the pain of her recent miscarriage any less real. Now shesspeakingout and hoping to help remove the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss and infertility,saying that the path to motherhood isnt a straight line for so many women.

McCain is looking forward to the new year with hope for brighter days ahead. Heres what she had to say about the whole thing.

In July, the View co-host shared with her audience that shed had a horrendous experience after suffering a miscarriage. And the one thing she noticed was how isolating the whole thing was.

I dont want to be the face of death and miscarriage but I also feel like life throws things at you that are unexpected and you have to roll with the punches. And I would rather continue to open up dialogues and conversations, she said in an interview with Good Morning America.

I just hope that women out there know that they arent alone and they havent done anything wrong. And that the pain is real and its totally understandable.

McCain said she never felt a natural draw to motherhood but was nonetheless excited to be pregnant with her first baby. Then when she experienced a loss, she couldnt help but blame her own actions even though it wasnt logical.

I was very, very, very hard on myself. And I blamed the stress of my life and I blamed being older and I blamed my personality and I blamed things that were not rational, she told GMA.

I, since then, have just tried to go a little easier on myself on all things having to do with motherhood and pregnancy-related, because its not easy being a woman. Its just not. And I know how hard I was on myself and Im sure a lot of women do the same thing. And you just feel really alone.

Recently, McCain sharedon Twitter some new reflections on miscarriage, fertility, and the journeyto motherhood.

Life has thrown me a lot of curveballs in the last few years. I, like so many other millions of women have had my struggles with motherhood. Given the nature of my life and job this is something that I have been open with she said.

This holiday season Im praying for all women like me who have had to face these challenges and that their hopes will be answered in the new year.

Her tweets garnered a huge outpouring of support and commiserationfrom her followers, who came forward sharing stories of their own infertility struggles.She explained that the more we talk about these issues, the less taboo theyllbecome to discuss.

I wish for more compassion and responsibility whendiscussing these issues not everyones story is a perfect and beautifulstraight line to motherhood, McCain concluded.

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'The View': Meghan McCain Is 'Praying for All Women' Who Struggle with Fertility and Motherhood - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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