The Bella Twins Talk Breakups, Fertility, And Almost Never Becoming WWE Superstars – Mandatory

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The Bella Twins recently sat down with Health magazine to discuss a variety of topics, including their breakups, fertility issues, and how they nearly didnt become the iconic WWE superstars they ended up becoming.

Check out some highlights below:

On Nikkis publicized breakup with John Cena:

The one thing I really regret about showcasing the breakup is that no one got to hear [Johns] voice, and it just seemed so one-sided. I felt like that wasnt fair to him because he was on this journey with us from the beginning. What people dont realize is that John never took one paycheck fromTotal Bellas. It was beautifulhe was fully there to support me. Ill never forget his support and his love. Thats what made me sadI dont want to say it became the Nikki show, but in a way it did because you didnt get to see John anymore.

On Nikkis plans for future children:

I definitely want to be a mom one day, but I dont want it now. Im in this unfortunate situation where Im 36 and everyone is reminding me, Your eggs, your eggs! So Im freezing my eggs. I also found out I have PCOSit kills your fertility. Im getting brown spots all over my face, acne, weight fluctuations, and hair loss. I actually just found out and was devastated. You research it, and there is no cure. I just pray I have some fertile eggs left and that I can still be a mom. So yes, I do feel like being a mom is in my future. I am just not sure how soon.

On almost not becoming WWE superstars:

Brie: It was fascinating seeing these women wrestle. See, Nicole and I were athletes, but we also loved to lip-synch to the Spice Girls. When our parents would have parties, Nicole and I would perform for the entire party. Watching wrestling, I realized it was a mix of athleticism and entertainment. I found out the Diva Search was going on and started getting more into it. It was everything we loved to do. So I persuaded Nicole to try out. We actually didnt make itthey werent looking for twins. But through that, we were offered the chance to go through a training program, and we fell in love with it there.

Nikki:During the first few weeks we were learning how to wrestle, Brie and I would get ice packs and put them on our bed and just lie on our backs because we couldnt move. We went to this chiropractor who told us we were basically putting our bodies through a car accident every night. When you are wrestling, you almost grow this inch-or-two-thick layer of fluid to protect you. Its crazywhen you take time off wrestling, you shrink because you no longer need that protective shield from being slammed every night.

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