Lying Lauren Salzman Babbles About Fertility and Having a Baby With Keith Raniere and Reveals Her Innate, Inordinate Selfishness – Frank Report

This is the next in our series on Lauren Salzman, who we are studying to try to determine if she more of a victim or a perpetrator.

In this excerpt from her testimony as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, the often inarticulate Lauren reaches a new pinnacle for nearly unintelligible run on sentences.

In case you have difficulty understanding the following, this is about her trying to have an avatar baby with Keith.Evidently Keith promised her for 12 years that she would and then when Frank Report broke the news about DOS, and Lauren was chosen to take the fall she and Allison, she saw this as an opportunity to press for the avatar child.

Lauren was willing to trade her taking the fall for DOS in return for extracting from her Vanguard his promise that he would impregnate her at last.

They even went to a fertility clinic but Keith dropped out. I suspect he lied and said he would go through with it, to entrap Lauren further into taking the fall for DOS, shielding him from being exposed as the founder of DOS.

If it came down to it, Keith wanted her and Allison imprisoned and not himself. So he promised to give what he knew Lauren wanted above all else motherhood.

But the elusive rascal managed to slip away without fulfilling his promise. He ran off to Mexico and was not in the mood to impregnate anyone, though he was willing to have group blow jobs, sadly interrupted by his arrest.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining Lauren.

Keith Raniere is at the defense table listening to every word, often scribbling quite furiously on little note pads and passing them on to his attorneys.

Q Did you believe that if you didnt support the defendant that you would lose your contact with your family, your family members?

A I believed that if I left this vow [DOS] that I would be seen as somebody who was not who didnt keep their word and who didnt hold growth above all other things and if that happened, I couldnt maintain my role, my positions, my career in NXIVM as it existed and I had already lost a lot of things because he was saying that the leadership in NXIVM was responsible for a lot for our lack of success or our failures and so I had reason to believe that I would lose more things and that would affect my relationship with my family.

Q Did you believe that if you had spoken the truth about DOS at that time, what that would have meant?

A It would have meant leaving my entire life. It would have meant yeah, it would have meant leaving, becoming somebody who was considered oppositional to NXIVM, on the outside, not on the inside.

Q What happened to people who were considered oppositional to NXIVM?

A People dont people shunned them, they dont talk to them, you know, they speak about them saying that theyre not doing the ethical or honorable thing, that theyve broken their commitments and their vows, that they dont have good character or principles, you know, and that the good moral, noble thing is to uphold your word, uphold your commitments and stay committed to this vision and mission, you know, in the face of any adversities.

Q Ms. Salzman, you testified yesterday that you had wanted a child with the defendant?

A Correct, I did.

Q And around the time that DOS was publicly exposed [By Frank Report] did you have renewed discussions with the defendant about having children?

A I did. It was something I had wanted and had been pushing for 12 years. It was something I mean I had wanted it forever but 12 years specifically we had been pushing for it. I had given up other opportunities to have children with other people who legitimately wanted to do that with me and he asked me not to do that so that we could do it.

I was going to leave the relationship and he offered that if I stayed, we would do this and all this time he didnt do any of those things and then all of a sudden when DOS became public and Allison and I were the only people who were publicly outed and he was disaffiliating all connection with it, all of a sudden hes ready to go through fertility treatments with me which we did do and the entire focus during that time was whether Marianna was going to know or find out.

It wasnt I said to him this is the one thing, the one thing of everything, all the things, this is the one thing that should be like I thought this would be the one thing that would be just us and he said, I know, Im sorry. Basically, it cant be because the higher priority is Mariana, you know, and I just find it and he didnt even finish the process of the fertility treatments.

Q Why not?

A He needed to take a blood test and he didnt want to take it, he didnt take it and so it they werent even I view it as a way of saying that he was going forward with his promise without really going forward with his promise. So, its taking another step to defer this over just longer but to keep me doing what I was doing better than anybody else at that time which was going out to the whole world and legitimizing that this [DOS] was good, that it wasnt what it was, you know, and to all the people in the community who respected me and trusted me and would believe me and to the press and to anybody who questioned us, I was sent to talk to everybody and I did it and I did it because I wanted to protect Keith and I loved Keith and he was saying this was the ethical thing to do, this was the noble thing to do [her lying and taking the blame for DOS] and I couldnt believe that Keith wouldnt be telling me the ethical or noble thing to do and I was willing to put my own my own desires and my own what I hoped for to have for myself above everything else.

Q Did undergoing the process of the fertility treatments, starting that process affect your decision as to whether to stay?

A Yes, and Rosa Laura and I had many conversations about it where she was like, see, it was all worth it, like see, he really was going to do it, all that doubt you had, all the questions, hes only doing that with you, hes not doing that with other people, like this is a special thing like and would always reassure me like see.

Q Did the defendant give you an explanation as to why he refused to take the blood test?

A No, and there were many different ways that they told me that he could have taken the blood test, like he didnt even have to go in, they could have sent somebody to his house, he could have had whoever he wanted as his choice to do it, there could have been anybody who did it and he was like, you know, its not even going to be an issue because at some point Im were going to have our own fertility clinic; he wanted to have a fertility clinic so its not even going to be an issue. We werent going to have a fertility clinic, he wasnt going to have a fertility clinic for years, like that was something that was so far in the future and he absolutely 100 percent knew when he made me the promise that if I stayed in the relationship we would have children because I had expressed it on many occasions that I was not interested in having children in my 50s and 60s even if we could legitimately get a surrogate to carry it, like that I didnt want to be 65 years old when my kid graduated from high school, that I wanted to have this was something I wanted to do now, you know, not something to put off for some imaginary fertility clinic that he was going to have in five or ten years.

I love the part where Rosa Laura Junco is telling Lauren that Keith is being sincere and that her waiting for the avatar baby was all worthwhile and saying see, he is really going to do this. Assuring Lauren as she helped prompt her to take the fall for Keith.

Rosa Laura is a liar cut from the same cloth as Raniere, the same as Lauren.

All the while Rosa Laura is telling Lauren to believe in Keith about the baby, Rosa Laura herself had another plan. She was at the exact same time offering Keith her own 15 year old daughter to him for impregnating.

These Nxivm members are not just kooky, They are evil, like their master.

It is karma too for Lauren.

Rosa Laura counseling her that Keith is going to have a baby with her, while planning to give Keith her own virgin underage daughter was pure evil.

But let us also recall how Lauren did a similar thing to Ivy Nevares.

Ivy was upset that Keith kept putting her off about having a child. Lauren was her Exploration of Meaning therapist. She counseled Ivy that Keith would have the child with her, if she was just patient. But Lauren never told Ivy that she was in competition with her for having a baby.

She was Ivys therapist at the same time she was her secret competition and everything she told Ivy was a lie.

Lauren told Ivy that Keith would keep his word, while secretly knowing she was lying for Keith and, of course, not wanting him to have a baby with Ivy but to have a baby with her.

Fast forward to the bleak days of DOS being exposed and Rosa Laura counseling Lauren, lying to her that Keith was going to keep his word about having a baby with her, while secretly she was offering her own daughter, 15 years of age, to the monster.

No, the more I learn about Lauren and all the minions, the more i realize they were all evil themselves, or else they could not have stayed with the dark one for so long.

Lauren is no victim. She is a cruel perpetrator who only repented once she faced prison. Always selfish, deeply to the core, only thinking about herself and never of others, she testified against Keith, to save herself.

I do not see a spark of good in her. Just a wickedness on the face of the earth, trying to make herself out a victim after lying to so many for so long, in order to get what she wanted from Raniere- his child and higher status in the cult.

She wanted to be queen of the harem thats all.

This is the same woman, who shunned her own father because Keith told her and lied to her mother about DOS, because Keith told her.

And what did she really want just to be the top woman n Nxivm. She is as greedy and dishonest as the worst of them.

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Lying Lauren Salzman Babbles About Fertility and Having a Baby With Keith Raniere and Reveals Her Innate, Inordinate Selfishness - Frank Report

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