Family hopes solar eclipse camping event will raise money for fertility treatment – KATU

by Reed Andrews, KATU News

After four years of trying to conceive, a Wilsonville couple has looked for help from above, and they may have found it with August's solar eclipse.

Stacie Corbett's parents own a farm in Lebanon, where host about a dozen weddings every year. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for years, but haven't had any luck. They're now opting for a fertility treatment that comes with a $30,000 price tag.

So her family decided to make a savvy decision - Kristi Bertagna, Corbett's mother, decided to host 100 campers for the Aug. 21 eclipse at Three Strands Farm.

"We've been trying to come up with creative ideas for savings for (the fertility treatment)," Corbett said. "This definitely beats collecting cans which I have done a lot of."

Bertagna had much of the set-up already in place for summer weddings, so preparing the area won't take too much extra work.

"We're wanting a miracle and this is something that's kind of a miracle that we actually get tot see things like this in our lifetime," Bertagna said. "It's really cool how it all happened together."

Guests will arrive the night before the eclipse and have a catered meal. The stage, which typically acts as an altar, will have a projector over it and guests will get to watch a movie once the sun goes down.

Corbett says if the event sells out, they'll have about half the money they need for their costly fertility treatment.

"I want to be able to start a family with my husband," Corbett said. "You wait, and you wait, and you wait and nothing. We've been through quiet a bit of treatments and now we're at a point where insurance doesn't cover anything anymore."

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Family hopes solar eclipse camping event will raise money for fertility treatment - KATU

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