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Alex and Natalie Mutambudzi dealt with infertility for over a decade. Now, they've created an app to help others going through the same struggle.

A couple who welcomed their own miracle baby after 12 years of in vitro fertilization has created a fertility app to help other couples going through the same thing. The journey the couple has had to take to meet their son has not been an easy one. But, out of their journey came the idea for an app meant to make other couples journeys to parenthood a little bit easier.

Alex and Natalie Mutambudzi met in 2007 and married the following year. They had a dream of starting their own family, but after five years of trying to get pregnant and their dream not happening, they considered assisted fertility. In 2014, they decided to try IVF. The couple, of Earls Barton, were not eligible for IVF treatment with the NHS because Alex already has two children from a previous marriage. They did their research and found a clinic in the United Kingdom. They tried one cycle of IVF, but sadly, it was unsuccessful.

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Over the years, they looked overseas for help but were only left in the darkwith no support and an immense amount of pain. They suffered through seven miscarriages together, 12 IVF cycles, and spent more than $50,000 in treatments. According to the Northamptonshire Telegraph, in December of 2019, they welcomed their miracle baby boy, Joshua. Alex says his sons arrival was worth all of the money, the pain and the waiting.

Alex describes their fertility journey as being incredibly difficult, adding he believes he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from it all. Out of their pain came inspiration, though, for an app to help other couples on their own fertility journey. While they tried for a family, Alex says he tracked the outcomes of any treatments and consultations. Tracking everything became helpful when they attended appointments, and from that, the Fertility Zone app was born. The app is free, andresembles a directory of resources for those on their fertility journey. In the app, users will find articles, podcasts, recommended organizations, and topics touching surrogacy, IVF, miscarriages, and so much more.

Alex says the app is meant to provide social support, advice, and resources to both men and women who are struggling to become pregnant. According to Stitcher, they just dont want other people to be on their journey alone. They hope the app will make other couples and individuals journeys to parenthood a little bit easier. The couple says the app is like a one-stop shop for people from different backgrounds. It can be found in the App Store for iOS devices, and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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Couple Creates Fertility App After 12 Years Of IVF & Welcoming Their Own Miracle Baby - BabyGaga

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