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Menopause is a physiological phenomenon that women go through. It brings about an end to their menstrual cycle. IF your periods have stopped for over a year, then you can safely conclude that you have hot menopause. It occurs as the levels of oestrogen, the female hormone that regulates reproductive cycle, depletes and the ovaries stop producing eggs. Typically, a woman experiences menopause between 45-55 years of age. If it occurs before 45, then it is known as premature or early menopause. A study published in the journal Human Reproduction observes that early onset of menopause increases a womans risk of multi-morbidity by age 60. However, there are various ways to delay the onset of this physiological process. If recent research has to be believed, having sex regularly can help you do so. A study published in Royal Society Open Science states that having sex often may be instrumental in delaying the onset of menopause. The findings of the study suggest that women who indulge in sexual activities every week are 28 per cent less likely to experience early menopause than those who have sex once a month. However, there is no way to prevent this natural biological process. Also Read - Menopause Diet: Foods that can help relieve your symptoms

Women who experience menopause later in life feel more comfortable while having sex in the time leading up to this stage. This is because sufficient levels of oestrogen prevent vaginal dryness before menopause strikes. It has been observed that postmenopausal women find it difficult to have sex due to lack of lubrication. This leads to painful intercourse. Also, having sex regularly helps maintain the elasticity of vaginal walls. This eases the process of penetration. Also Read - Simple blood test will tell you if you are approaching menopause

With age, women lose sexual drive owing to certain physical conditions. However, you can still enjoy a fulfilling sex life with simple lifestyle measures. Here are a few of them. Also Read - Avoid early menopause with pregnancy, weight loss and breastfeeding

Exercising may help you and your sex life to get fit as it strengthens your muscles which avoids hurting backs or sprained muscles. It also improves your mood by releasing chemicals in yourbrainthat can rev up your libido.

Be it the candles or music or role play or even sex toys, add a little variety to your sex life and try something exciting. These can rejuvenate your feelings towards your partner and rekindle the passion.

The seeds of fruits like strawberries and raspberries are stuffed with zinc which is essential for sex. Also, dark chocolate is a known aphrodisiac as it elevates the levels of sex hormones. Apart from these, beverages like coffee can up the libido.

Yoga asanas like Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) and Cow Pose (Bitilasana), Bridge Pose among others can also pay instrumental in revving up your sex life. These poses help relax your spine and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which improve your sexual performance. Moreover, yoga is a great stress alleviator. High levels of stress hormones can ruin your sex life.

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