The season….for allergies

I can, without a doubt, tell you that my allergies get worse every single year. I have them 24/7/365. Spring, summer and fall are definitely worse than winter. I can always tell when the seasonal outdoor allergens are peaking. My eyes itch and water, my skin breaks out and itches, my chest gets tight (with lovely asthma exacerbations), and my nose runs/sneezes.

Those allergens listed in that picture above? I can tell you that I have hypersensitivity reactions to almost everything listed. Everything except bees and shellfish. Thank goodness for small favors right? 'Cause I love eating shellfish, and goodness knows, bee stings are just my favorite thing in the world. (Just kidding on the bee stings there.)

I'm the freak who tests positive to almost everything on the skin testing for allergens. I even tested positive on the negative control. Go figure! I warned them not to use the cat dander and saliva allergens. Can we say major hypersensitivity response........hello Miss Ana-Phyl-Axis! Yeah, that was good times.

I'm also the weirdo who the ER nurses hate, for all of my allergies. Let me pull out my list here, so I don't forget any of them. Don't even bother putting in my food allergies. Too many of those to list too.

The eyes are really bothering me for the past week. Itchy, watery, edematous. I changed my contact lenses out to a new pair today, hoping that it would help. It helped very minimally. The more time I spend outside -- which I love -- the more intense the reaction to my eyes. I'm guessing that the grass is pollinating, and also the flowers are starting to bloom, which leads to most of my spring time outdoor allergic responses.

Mowing the grass? Forget it. Must seal the house when the grass is cut, and don't even THINK about stepping outside while it's being done. Yeah, that sure is fun when it gets warm outside!

At least I never have to mow the grass.........there is a bright side to all of this!

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