PSHE KS2: Operation Ouch! How are babies made? Sperm, egg and reproductive organs – BBC

This short film introduces the topic of reproduction, genitals and reproductive body parts. It explains that babies start from an egg and a sperm.

Correct terminology is given for genitals and reproductive body parts in male and female bodies.

This film is relevant to science or sex education, as well as health education. Remember that schools need to be able to draw a line between their curricula for relationships education and sex education in order to implement the parental right to request their child is excused from sex education.

Please ensure you watch the film prior to using it in class, to ensure it is suitable for your pupils and in line with your school's policy for RSHE. Further guidance is given below.

Use baseline assessment to establish current knowledge. Discuss with other teachers and link to their curriculum.Consider:

Teaching about bodies requires sensitive and well-judged teaching based on knowledge of pupils and their circumstances.

Creating a safe space for RSHE lessons is important, including encouraging pupils to respect others through listening and being mindful of others feelings.

Please note - this clip refers to the vulva and the labia. See KCSIE on female genital mutilation (FGM). Specifically paragraph 40 and the Annex B So-called honour-based abuse (including female genital mutilation and forced marriage).

Refer to the preparing for adulthood outcomes as set out in the SEND code of practice schools should support children in developing friendships.

You may wish to refer to Amaze which is an American website with a range of animations. This may support your subject knowledge.



DfE RSHE statutory guidancePlease refer to paragraph 65 Sex Education.Sex education is not compulsory in primary schools, but schools should determine their content based on the needs of their pupils and this may include additional sex education content.

DfE National Curriculum sciencemain external body parts, puberty, and reproduction in plants and animals, how a baby is conceived and born.

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PSHE KS2: Operation Ouch! How are babies made? Sperm, egg and reproductive organs - BBC

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