Malta among top performers in fertility treatment, but offers no education programme – Newsbook

Malta has been ranked among the top performers in Europe in fertility treatment policy in the 2021 European Atlas of Fertility Treatment Policies.

Despite figuring among the best performers in Europe the study found that infertility patients association are not consulted on public policies in Malta and the island does not have a state organised/sponsored fertility education programme.

The atlas, published by the European Commission, ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology), and Fertility Europe (Patients Association), classified Malta among the best performers with a 71% score.

This placed Malta in the same category as England, Sweden, Spain, Finland and Denmark, among others.

While Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands (all 86%) and France (84%) topped the table, Ireland, Poland, Armenia and Albania occupy the last four places.

In a statement, the health minster Chris Fearne noted that Malta was ranked ahead of countries that have been offering IVF treatment for many years, including Germany, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, and Ireland.

In the European Union alone 25 million citizens face infertility and the document finds a mixed picture when it comes to fertility policy in 43 countries in Europe.

Among these countries, 38 have dedicated laws on reproductive technologies and 33 have a national register of activity in this area.

As for treatment however, the most notable trend appears to be a clear bias towards heterosexual couples at the expense of single people and LGBT couples, Fertility Europe said.

Malta is one of the few countries which offers treatment to single people and homosexual couples.

Moreover it pointed out that while 41 countries provide insemination with donor sperm to straight couples, only 19 countries provide this to female couples and just 30 countries provide it to single women.

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Malta among top performers in fertility treatment, but offers no education programme - Newsbook

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