"It’s worth it a million times over." In 2018, Melissa became a single mother by choice. – Mamamia

Five years ago, Melissa Smith decided that she wanted to become a mother.

The now 40-year-old, who is based in Sydney, was single but she knew she was ready.

When I was getting around the 35 mark, I started to feel like I was just on this hamster wheel of life and going out on weekends and getting drunk and trying to online date and I was just going around in circles, she toldMamamia.

I was watching all of my friends start to meet serious partners, get engaged and have babies and I felt like I was still doing the same thing.

After realising just how much she wanted a baby of her own, Melissa made a decision she was going to embark on motherhood alone.

Mamamias daily news podcast, The Quicky, investigates sperm donation in Australia. Post continues after podcast.

I just sort of thought: Why not? Whats holding me back? Im a strong woman and Ive achieved a lot in my life.I can do it,' she said.

Although the now 40-year-old briefly considered adoption, she ultimately choose to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor.

A part of me really wanted to have a piece of me out there with all of my characteristics, she said.

[Using a sperm donor] definitely appealed more to me in my situation.

After going for an initial consultation at an IVF clinic, Melissas journey to motherhood began.

Following a series of tests and counselling sessions, the Sydney woman began the process to chose a sperm donor.

In her case, the IVF clinic that she used offered access to Australian donors who had donated directly to the clinic as well as donors from a US sperm bank.

I opted to go through the US sperm bank instead of the Australian donors because there was more variety and there was a lot more information available of the donors, Melissa said.

Through the US sperm bank that I went through, I was able to look through photos from when the donor was a baby right up until adulthood, they had written a letter to the child, there was every kind of medical test that you could imagine, they had done some counselling, she explained.

I also could have downloaded a recording of the donors voice but I just chose not to because I didnt want that to impact on my decision.

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"It's worth it a million times over." In 2018, Melissa became a single mother by choice. - Mamamia

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