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Finding an egg donor shouldnt be difficult. We make it easy.

Growing Generations provides a full-service, hands-on approach to the egg donation process. From egg donor selection to the egg retrieval, we want to ensure that intended parents feel comfortable, have their questions answered, and are excited.

Below are the five steps of the egg donation process for intended parents.

Sign up for a free egg donor search account, and youll instantly have access to our egg donor database. We make it easy to search for specific qualities, like hair/eye color, height, location, and ethnic background. You can save profiles to view later, and you can choose to receive notifications when new donors are published. We also have an egg donor matching specialist who can help you refine your donor search and offer suggestions.

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Each egg donor completes a profile that is published on our online database for you to review. In addition to photos and personal essay questions, each profile consists of the donors education information, health/reproductive history, and family/genetic history. Our donors also create a short video to showcase their personality and tell you more about themselves.

LocationWhen youre looking for an egg donor, its important to keep her location in mind. Selecting an egg donor who resides closer to your IVF clinic is one way to help minimize cost. On average, a donor will make at least two trips to your IVF clinic (one for medical screening and one for the egg retrieval). If your donor resides in Florida and your IVF clinic is in California, your donor will have travel expenses. Growing Generations can and will provide you with a customized cost estimate based on the donor you are interested in or donor you have selected.

Medical HistoryWhen you select an egg donor, its important to review her health history. If you select a donor who has previously donated her eggs, her medical records will be sent to your IVF physician for their review and approval. All of our donors undergo genetic testing. It is very common for donors to carry gene mutations, and youll want to ensure that the intended father or sperm donor is not a carrier of the same gene mutation. Growing Generations can provide your IVF doctor with a copy of the donors genetic report, so you can discuss the results with your doctor.

PersonalWhile some intended parents look for egg donors with specific characteristics or physical appearances, others want to feel a connection to the donor. That connection could be that you and the donor share hobbies or interests. Perhaps you and the donor have similar personality traits, or the donor bares a close family resemblance. Those are just some examples of things parents have told us made them feel a connection to their donor. The connection is different for everyone.

When you find your perfect egg donor, simply press the Select this Donor button on her profile, and your donor will be placed on hold for you. While her profile is on hold, other intended parents will not be able to select her. Our staff will receive notification of your choice and contact you to discuss your selection. Please keep in mind that donors are selected on a first come, first serve basis.

After you confirm your egg donor selection, our team will send the donors records to your IVF clinic for your physicians review and approval. Well also reach out to the donor to confirm her upcoming availability for the donation. If your doctor approves and youre ready to proceed, well send you an agreement and an estimate of the costs. Once your signed agreement and funds are received, well confirm your donor match and begin the donation process which includes your donors medical and psychological screenings, legal contract, and IVF cycle.

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