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This December would have marked the 19th year that Bowling Green Alliance Church offered their Come to the Stable event.

This indoor event was known for live music, giveaways and a collection of hundreds of nativity scenes from around the world about 600 unique nativities every single year.

Last year 347 food items and $490 were donated to the Come to the Stable experience for the BG Christian Food Pantry.

Were sorry we cant do it this year. It is the kind of thing everyone looks forward to, said Jane Shively, chair of the Come to the Stable event.

She initially suggested the event 19 years ago, and it has stuck ever since.

This event used to be the churchs way of connecting with the community and kindling that giving spirit. However, with the pandemic, things must change, but the Bowling Green Alliance Church is looking to keep the giving spirit alive.

Because theres an even greater need this year for the food pantry, we really wanted to continue to do something for them, through the community.

This is why the Bowling Green Alliance Church will be accepting donations on Saturday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at 1161 Napoleon Road. The church will be accepting both cash and food donations for the BG Christian Food Pantry.

Its convenient for people and its contactless. Were trying to make this easy and COVID free, Shively said.

Red tubs will be located under the churchs canopy, and upon arriving donations can be placed in the tubs and a church member will collect it after the donor has left. Help is also available if donors need assistance getting the donations out of their vehicles.

Flour and sugar are the items most needed by the pantry currently, but other needed items are canned northern or kidney beans, spaghetti sauce, rice, boxed or instant mashed potatoes, bread, cooking oil, pre-made dinners, elbow macaroni, wide egg noodles, toilet paper, paper towels, shelf-stable milk, jelly, mustard, salad dressings, walnuts, and baking mixes.

While the food and money donations are very important, cultivating generosity in a community is priceless.

People want to do these things, people want to continue to be generous, they really do.

Shively remains determined to bring back the Come to the Stable event next year, for their 20th year.

We counted on it as a family tradition. When things are back to normal we will certainly do it again.

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Donate to food pantry, 'Come to the Stable' next year - Sentinel-Tribune

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