Brick by brick, Jeff Capel is rebuilding Pitt’s once-proud tradition – The Athletic

PITTSBURGH Upon relocating to Pittsburgh in the spring of 2018, Jeff Capel and his wife, Kanika, bought a terrific old turn-of-the-century house and have spent the past year gutting and updating the whole thing. Everything, that is, except the kitchen. The couple saved the heart of the house for last, beginning the final renovation just this month. That has necessitated a little culinary creativity. A basement setup helps, and takeout is convenient, but living again in a construction zone is not a whole lot of fun. My wife keeps telling me I have to have patience, Capel says. Its going to be beautiful when its done.

Sitting in his remodeled office inside the Petersen Event Center, the double meaning of that simple sentence is not lost on Capel. Much like his home, Pitt basketball has good bones. There is history here, and recent enough history that it doesnt require an extensive demo to unveil. Only four years ago the Panthers were an NCAA...

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Brick by brick, Jeff Capel is rebuilding Pitt's once-proud tradition - The Athletic

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