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New year, new money. At least thats what we hope, right? If youre unemployed or your paycheck just isnt cutting it, theres no better time to get a side-hustle. Thanks to the gig economy, you can make a decent living without dragging yourself to an office for a dull 9-to-5 job every day. With so many ways to make extra dough, youre bound to find one thats not only lucrative, but fun. Check out these 10 easy ways to make money in 2020, then get started on that nest egg.

You literally have money flowing through your veins. While donating blood is often unpaid, giving plasma can net you hundreds of dollars a month. It is a more involved procedure than blood donation, but if you have the time, there's probably a company in your area willing to pay for it.

Marketers want to know how to sell stuff to people. To find out, they pay a select group of individuals to test products and tell them what needs improvement. Find a local marketing research firm, fill out information on your demographics, and get matched with campaigns. Some are online surveys; others are focus groups. For a couple of hours of spouting off your opinions about everything from food to personal care products to pet supplies, you'll make bank.

Do you have an unusual medical condition? Pain that won't go away? An addiction you can't kick? You might be the ideal candidate for a medical research study. Hospitals and universities are constantly on the lookout for people willing to try experimental medicines and treatment, often for a generous fee. These studies can last months, so you'll be rolling in the dough by the time they find a miracle cure.

If you're young, relatively healthy, and like to jerk off, we have the side-hustle for you! Become a sperm donor and make money in the most pleasurable way possible while also helping a stranger get pregnant and spreading your genes all across the world! Clinics have different requirements for donors, but the process generally consists of a written application, a sperm sample, and STD testing. Then you're ready to make sweet, sweet love to a plastic cup. Free porn included!

Books, albums, games, tech, clothes, jewelry, instruments, sports equipment whatever crap you have, someone wants it (at least, keep telling yourself that). Hawk your wares at a garage sale, pawn shop, secondhand store, or online, then open your hand for that cold, hard cash (and dont you dare spend it on someone elses crap).

If you have a car that's been sitting in park, you're wasting a golden opportunity to make some coin. Sign up to be a rideshare driver and work on your schedule. You'll meet new people, cruise all over your city, and have great stories to tell at parties. Just try not to take the reviews too personally.

Buzz around a major metropolitan area every day but don't want to pick up passengers? You might be able to get paid to have your car wrapped in advertising. Companies likeCarvertise will hook you up with advertisers that dole out $300 to $1,200 per campaign.

If you have a spare bedroom, or a basement, or, hell, even a closet that's unoccupied, what are you waiting for? That wasted space is a cash cow waiting to be milked. Set up an Airbnb profile, post an ad on Craigslist, or put up flyers at the nearest college and soon people will be flocking to your door waving wads of dollar bills in your face.

If you have two legs, love canines, and aren't opposed to picking up poop, a part-time gig in dog walking might be in your future. Join up with a dog-walking app like Wag! or Rover and start making furry friends. The best thing about working for a dog? They can't complain to management.

Have an artistic talent? Make a mint off it! Sell your handmade creations on Etsy or use your graphic design skills on to make products on CafePress. Get creative and in no time customers will start padding your bank account!

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