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Harry Potter, St. Augustine, and the Confrontation with Evil – Video

Google Tech Talks July 10, 2007 ABSTRACT In the Latin West, explaining the origin, meaning, and response to evil has been a central theological and cultural project, beginning with the magisterial work of St.

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Surrogates (2009) Full HD 720 – Video

WATCH NOW: In a near future, with the development of the robotic, mankind stays at home operating surrogates with their signature to live their lives in the outside world and resolving issues like racism, complex and safety and reducing crime rates. Only a few people live in reservations the traditional way of life without the use of substitutes

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Christie’s surrogacy story – Men Having Babies 2011 – Video

Christie, a surrogate mother who carried a baby for a gay NY couple describes her experience of being a "traditional" surrogate.

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