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Sperm Morphology: New Guidelines Announced: 4% is Normal

Wow, what a relief to know that what we have been saying for years is now finally officially stated. Any sperm morphology over 3% is considered normal. How did this change come about? The World Health Organization (WHO) determines the normal parameters for semen including volume, count, motility, forward progression and morphology. The WHO published […]

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How to Find a Good Fertility Doctor

So you’ve been trying to get pregnant and it’s taking longer than you think it should. Now what? Sounds simple, you probably have a local gynecologist who you have been seeing for your checkups. Why not start there?This may not be a bad idea at all. A general gynecologist could quite possibly be a very […]

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PCO and other Fertility Related Topics

PCOS and Ovarian Drilling. Some sort of ovarian surgery has been used to treat PCOs for the last 50 years.The surface of the ovary, also called the cortex, is where the eggs are. This is a relatively thin layer covering the ovary. Beneath this layer, in the mid portion of the ovary, is the tissue […]

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Cancelling IVF, Converting to IUI, and a Few Other Things.

What if you are on drugs for an IVF cycle and there is a low number of follicles? Should you do cancel and have an iui (provided there is sperm and at least one tube is open) or should you have the retrieval? The number of eggs is less important the younger you are. So […]

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