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Sickness in the midst of sickness

I was sick last week. REALLY sick. I had strep throat. I will never secretly feel that my children should suck it up when they have strep throat. Because I thought I was actually going to die.I'm not sure if it was a raging fever, the debilitating body aches, the excruciating headache, or the improbably […]

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10 weeks

I'm amazed that I am able to type "10 weeks" as a title for this post. This is really amazing and I am so excited and pray that everything continues to go well. We are so happy, Super S and I and are just besides ourselves really. April 26, will be 13w2d and thats when […]

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Newborn Giggle

Addy had her first smiles in her sleep. Not the gas smiles, but that big, toothless grin. It was only a few days after I saw that first sleepy smile that I saw the first real one, the first one that was an actual reaction to something.So I knew that when I heard the first […]

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April Fool’s.

Babies really have a way of coming in and taking over everything, ever crevice of your thoughts, being and day-to-day life.I remembered it was April Fools Day around 11 last night. Jason was feeding Addy one last time I had been sick all day recovering from my procedure. The combo of anesthesia, pain killers and […]

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