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Headed to the pool or beach while youre on your period? Dont worry. Weve got you covered. Pretty much any type of tampon will work just fine to protect you while youre in the water.

However, your personal preferences might favor certain types over others.

Unsure where to start? Look no further! We chose these products based on style, reliability, and user reviews.

Spotting essentially means that youre bleeding outside of your regular period. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as stress, medication, and certain infections.

When youre spotting, you probably wont need as much absorption from your tampon as you would on your period. Try a light absorption tampon with leak protection just in case your spotting is heavier than you think.

Tampaxs light tampons feature a thin plastic applicator that glides in easily.

The tampon is slim with a braided string that helps protect against leaking and can be tucked inside your inner labia to prevent it from peeking out of your swimsuit.

Shop for Tampax Pearl Lite tampons online.

If youre looking for a tampon with conscious ingredients, Veedas tampons are made without synthetics, dyes, or chemicals.

The biodegradable tampon has a slim, plastic applicator for comfortable application and natural grooves to help prevent any leaks.

Shop for Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Lite tampons online.

On day 1 of your period? This might signal the heaviest bleeding, so youll want extra protection to make sure that you swim comfortably without any leakage. We suggest sport tampons with 360 degrees of protection.

Fans love this tampon for its unique shape and size.

The applicator is similar to other plastic applicators, but the tampon opens up into a flower shape to help protect from leaks at every single angle which is perfect if youre the type of swimmer who likes to do plenty of diving.

Shop for Playtex Sport Regular tampons online.

Want the same allover protection from a sport tampon but with a gentler formulation? This tampon is for you.

Despite its slender applicator and purified fibers, the tampon still gives maximum control for heavy days.

Shop for Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Ultra Absorbency tampons online.

Heavy flows require more absorbency, but that doesnt mean compromising on quality.

These organic tampons have reliable protection, plus theyre entirely plant-based and free from pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, dyes, dioxins, and synthetic materials.

Shop for The Honey Pot Company 100% Organic Super tampons online.

Your mid-period flow is probably somewhere between heavy and light. You likely need a regular-sized tampon that can absorb menstrual blood while still hold up to swimming.

Try a non-applicator tampon for a travel and beach bag option. The 100 percent organic cotton tampons expand in all directions for even coverage, and they can be easily inserted and removed with your fingers.

Shop for Lola Non-Applicator tampons online.

With no frills, this organic tampon is just a straightforward option for everyday use, in and out of the pool.

The applicator is plant-based so you can toss it in the trash without worrying about the waste associated with normal plastic applicators.

Shop for O.B. Organic Regular tampons online.

Just like with spotting, youll want a light absorbency tampon towards the end of your period. While swimming, these light tampons will offer protection without unnecessary heaviness.

Small, compact, and lightweight, these tampons comfortably expand to prevent leaks.

Theyre also Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. The brand also invests in girls education around the world, so youll feel good at the same time.

Shop for Cora Organic Cotton Light tampons online.

With the same 360-degree protection from a sport tampon, but the slim profile of a light, this hybrid option is great for the last few days of your period especially if youre someone with slight irregularity in your flow.

The tampon even has a smooth outer layer for easy removal, whether its fully absorbed or not.

Shop for Tampax Pearl Active Lite tampons online.

Its natural to have questions about swimming on your period, especially if youre used to wearing pads throughout your cycle. Here are a few things to keep in mind while youre choosing and wearing your tampon.

Not necessarily. This depends on how heavy your flow is.

Heavier flows are more suitable for higher absorbency tampons to prevent leakage and too many changes throughout the day especially if you dont want to interrupt your swimming with frequent trips to the bathroom.

However, if you have a lighter flow, go for a lower absorbency tampon (aka light or lite). If your tampon is high absorbency and you have a lighter flow, you may experience discomfort during removal.

Probably. The opening to the vagina isnt waterproof. But while the tampon might take on some water, this doesnt stop it from absorbing period blood as well.

Change your tampon as soon as youre done swimming, or every 4 to 8 hours while you are swimming.

A wet, used tampon can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Youll want to make sure youre being safe and mindful.

If you choose the right absorbency level for your personal flow, this shouldnt happen.

Of course, accidents are possible. If you discover that your tampon has leaked onto your swimsuit, go to the bathroom and change it immediately.

Not sure if tampons are the right menstrual product for you? You might not want to go for a pad or panty liner, because this method could take on a lot of water and leak.

There are plenty of other options that are suitable for swimming.

Similar to a tampon, a menstrual disc is inserted into the vagina and sits below the cervix in the vaginal fornix. You can wear it for up to 12 hours, and dispose of it once youre done.

Because of the position theyre placed in, some claim that discs reduce period-associated pain, which can make your swimming more enjoyable.

The flex menstrual disc, which you can buy online, is known for its ease of insertion and comfort. Theyre perfect for sports and swimming because of their low profile, plus theres less risk for leakage than with tampons.

If youre worried about the waste associated with disposable tampons and discs, try the Intimina Ziggy Cup, which is also available online. Built with the same materials as a menstrual cup, this reusable disc has a shallow profile, making it ideal for everything from period sex to swimming. Plus, it covers light to heavier flows.

Even more user-friendly than the menstrual disc is the menstrual cup. This method has risen in popularity because of its eco-friendly model. The reusable funnel-shaped cup is inserted into the vagina, just below the cervix, and collects blood for 6 to 12 hours.

Known as one of the first big menstrual cup brands, the DivaCup, which you can buy online, offers a cup with a silicone rim and sturdy base thats easy to insert and remove. Its made with medical-grade silicone that can stand the test of time.

If you tend to have more sensitivity and cramping, try the Saalt Soft Cup, which is also available online. The soft silicone formula sits gently inside the vaginal canal without causing cramping or discomfort. Plus, its super flexible for easy insertion.

Believe it or not, you can buy swimwear with built-in leak-proof protection. The swimwear comes in one-piece and two-piece options for all genders, with hidden layers of fabric that absorb menstrual blood without staining.

For those who are looking for playful patterns, Ruby Love swimwear, which you can buy online, offers an array of designs and styles. The built-in absorbent liner holds up to six tampons of menstrual blood and doesnt swell in the water.

On the other hand, Modibodi swimwear, which is also available online, comes in two streamlined black swim styles: a bikini bottom and a one-piece that hold up to two tampons of menstrual blood and offer sun protection with UPF 50+.

Swimming on your period is completely doable. Just choose a tampon or menstrual product that feels comfortable and fits your lifestyle needs.

If youre unsure whats best for your personal flow, reach out to a doctor or other healthcare provider to get their expert opinion.

No matter what, its important that you feel safe and protected and remember to have fun.

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