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In 2012 the United Nations (UN) declared in a report that contraception is a human right. It emphasized the importance of choice, not chance and an individual's ability to plan a family on their terms. Their report made clear how access to contraception has a direct impact on many other human rights and access is key to helping to reduce poverty and gender inequality. However, there are millions of people around the world who arent in that position. Planned Parenthood is extending birth control access with businesses through their Business For Birth Control 2020 campaign. Covid-19 and legislative changes have exacerbated restricted access to birth control and reproductive health care and the most vulnerable are set to be the most affected.

Planned Parenthood announced its new campaign on June 23 under the tagline Birth Control is Essential Health Care and Good for Business. As an organization, Planned Parenthood has fought for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. In their latest campaign, theyre working with 12 national companies who are affirming their employees birth control coverage as an essential part of their health insurance plans and urging more companies to do the same. In a statement, the organization said that this will affect more than 600,000 employees who work in retail, banking and asset management, health care, telecom, media, logistics and online delivery, venture capital and the public relations industry.

Speaking about the campaign in a statement, Alexis McGill Johnson, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America said, guaranteeing birth control through company health insurance isnt just the right thing to do it makes sound business sense. Business leaders today are making a powerful statement to their employees: You should make your own health decisions, and we are willing to invest in your health and your future.

A recent study has highlighted that a gap in knowledge and access to contraception and sexual health still exists. Black, Indigenous and people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community are the most vulnerable to restricted access to essential healthcare. The pandemic has only made this worse. Research conducted at the Guttmacher Institute found that during the Covid-19 crisis one in three women have had problems accessing birth control and and many people felt they should cancel long-standing appointments due to the pandemic.

Similarly, the Supreme Court is currently considering a rule that would allow employers and universities to deny birth control coverage to employees and students based on personal objections. As our nation faces the dual public health crises of Covid-19 and racism, people across the country are still facing relentless attacks on their health care. Whether its from the Supreme Court, the administration, or through international policy, access to birth control critical, time-sensitive and essential medication that 90% of women will use in their lifetime is under constant threat, said McGill Johnson, right now especially, we need more access to health care, not less. It has never been more essential for businesses to step up where politicians have failed.

Amalgamated Bank, Argent, Bad Robot Productions, CREDO Mobile, Female Quotient, Jaya Apparel Group: parent company to Cinq Sept and Likely, hims and hers, Postmates, The Helm, The Lede Company, Trillium Asset Management and Tumblr are the companies that have pledged to extend access to birth control to their employees.

Speaking about their involvement with the campaign Maura Keaney, Vice President of Commercial Banking at Amalgamated Bank said, as a business, we have a responsibility to speak up against threats to our employees and clients birth control access, whether decisions are being in the highest court or in the UN, because reproductive health care is essential health care and reproductive rights are human rights. We hope more businesses will join us in pledging to be a Business for Birth Control.

Its been reported that 86% of female executives believe that being able to plan and time parenthood is critical to professional development and to a families financial security. Covid-19 has exacerbated inequalities in access to sexual and reproductive health services and contraception. Planned Parenthood hopes the campaign is another step in securing equality in the workplace and supporting employees from some of the most vulnerable demographics.

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