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The Greens are the people who run the Hobby Lobby empire and, after they won their great victory by which corporations can pretend to be religious in order to refuse to pay for birth control, the Greens have been having a bit of a rough time. They spent bazillions of dollars to build a Museum of The Bible in Washington that has turned into a magnet for all manner of thieves and grifters. First, the Greens got caught smuggling artifacts out of Iraq and, last week, it was revealed that theyd been taken for suckers by people who peddled the Greens alleged fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls that were as fake as their corporations piety.

Then, of course, the pandemic came to town, and people were told to stay home and not go to work. However, the Greens took the matter to a higher authority. From the Christian Post:

This is plainly nuts. It also is plainly un-Christian to exploit an underpaid workforce at a time of international crisis. Weve all seen those easily deplorable videos of drunk college kids partying hardily down south during spring break. Here we have a major corporation telling its employees to risk their health because God spoke to the CEOs wife. Whos worse, really? Those ancient scrolls are not the only phony thing about Hobby Lobbys religiosity.

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Ominously, it seems that American business is starting to panic, and that the fervor of its participation in this whole social distancing thing is starting to fade. The president* seems to be sweating a bit now, too. From Axios:

And, while the Greens had the Almighty to advise them on proper epidemic prophylaxisthe Greens should pardon the termthe president* has his own outside experts. These include a sex counselor, a third-rate Ann Coulter, and an actor who got himself thrown off the electric Twitter machine for a spell. From Mediaite:

From the start, the president*s response to the pandemic has been driven by his desire to run for re-election as the creator of The Greatest Economy There Absolutely Ever Was. (And on racism, which sadly is still available to him with the whole Chinese Virus business.) He slow-walked testing so that the economy wouldnt suffer. And I am increasingly of the belief that the whole 15-day plan originally was a temporizing measure designed by desperate advisers merely to placate an unstable and volatile president*. Now, were coming to the end of it, and the president* seems to be convincing himselfand a number of other peoplethat once we hit March 31, were all in the clear. From Bloomberg:

One also has to wonder whether or not Blankfeins nerves are on fire because of the sudden semi-bipartisan popularity of certain liberal economic theories in the Congress at the moment. Maybe he should call the Greens and see if they found any prayers for nervous capitalists down in the notions aisle.

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Hobby Lobby Adopts the College Spring Breaker's Attitude Towards Coronavirus - Esquire

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