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Good afternoon, I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I was with your service. You sent the forms quickly to me after submitting payment, and each time I called there was a friendly person on the line who could answer all of my questions.

We filed the paperwork on July 5th and the adoption was finalized on July 21st! The clerk was a bit skeptical that we weren't using an attorney, but the judge said it was the best pro se adoption paperwork he had ever seen - he said normally without attorneys he has to send people back no less than 4 times to get the paperwork he needs. Two attorneys quoted me $5000 to handle this.

The request to waive the home study was successful- this also saved us quite a bit of money, and was never even mentioned by attorneys as an option.

Thank you thank you for everything! Superb company and service!

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Stepparent Adoption Forms | Step Parent and Adult Adoption ...

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