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Civil Self-Help Center

The Civil Self-Help Center provides limited legal assistance in qualifying civil cases to those without attorneys, if they have a case in the Sacramento County court or reside in Sacramento County. (En espaol) More info

Free workshops for Sacramento residents or litigants on establishing a guardianship, discovery in civil cases, and name changes. (En espaol) More info

Free online guides to common legal procedures and topics, created by our librarians. More Info

Free downloads with information on court procedures, including name changes, serving court documents, the court-required Conservatorship Video, and more. More info

The library has a collection of self-help books on various topics designed to helpindividuals represent themselves. Publishers include Nolo Press, Sphinx Legal, and many others. Search our catalog

Patrons can access the electronic versions of do-it-yourself legal books from Nolo Press and other self-help publishers from home or office!Download Instructions

This program offers free 20-minute consultations at the Sacramento County Public Law Library every Monday night. Arrive at 5:10 p.m. to participate in a lottery for appointments.More info

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