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The Associated Press claims to abhor bias, but when it comes to reporting on clashes between gay rights and religious freedom, the global wire service often slants its coverage toward the LGBTQ side.

That's particularly true when the byline atop the story belongs to David Crary, a New York-based AP national writer who covers social issues. Think Kellerismreporting in which certain "settled"matters are declared unworthy of balanced coverage.

With all of the above in mind, AP's and Crary's treatment of new adoption laws protecting faith-based providers in Texas and South Dakota should surprise no one paying attention:

A fair, full treatment of the subject matter would approach the laws impartially. Such coverage would give both supporters and opponents an opportunity to make their best case. It would seek advocate and expert insight not to mention relevant numerical data into whether the measures will result in more or fewer children receiving permanent homes.

But AP approaches the story almost entirely from the perspective of gay parents. The wire service (Crary specifically) seems uninterested in questioning whether protecting the sincere religious beliefs of faith-based foster and adoption providers actually will allow more children to find homes.

Please don't misunderstand me: I'm not suggesting at all that AP should quote faith-based providers instead of gay-rights advocates. Rather, I'm arguing that this is a complicated issue with passionate, articulate voices on both sides and if AP is truly interested in providing unbiased news coverage, it should do a much better job of demonstrating it.

Instead, until almost the very end, the AP story reads more like an LGBTQ advocacy group news release than an actual news story produced by an independent news organization.

More than 850 words into the roughly 1,000-word, inverted-pyramid story, AP finally gives some sketchy details on the other side:

There's a perfectly legitimate story here, one I'd love to read.

However, AP has focused on only one side. And in an age of all-time low public confidencein the mainstream media the wire service has done nothing to boost its own credibility.

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