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Lucky the Husky's adoption is being held up, because his former owner skipped a court appearance on Friday. She was supposed to plead guilty to animal neglect.

We invited Trooper Husky Rescue to Weekend Today in Central NY this morning, because this was SUPPOSED to be the day that Lucky, a dog that the rescue has been caring for, was SUPPOSED to be available for adoption. Lucky did come visit, but his adoption is on hold, because what was supposed to happen in court, did not.

Lucky was surrendered by a Schenectady area woman back in February, severely underweight and bruised, and has been in the care of the Oneida-based rescue. In March, she turned herself in, after Troopers put out an appeal to find her.

She turned herself in, and was charged with animal neglect. In may, she agreed to a plea deal of 3 years probation, releasing the dog to the rescue, and said she would sign an agreement to not own, live with or care for pets for five years. Sentencing was supposed to happen on Friday, but she did not show up for her court date.

Lucky is doing well: he's been tested and is free of genetic and major medical problems. The five year old Husky has gained weight and his bright blue eyes add to his charm. He is a VERY active dog! Ron DeMauro, from Trooper Husky Rescue, says he will be adopted as soon at the courts clear the case, and Schenectady County SPCA finalizes the legal documents. He has already had offers to take the dog.

We will keep you updated on the case.

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Lucky's adoption hits a legal snag | WSTM -

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