Fort Worth Animal Shelter reduces adoption price to $10 –

FORT WORTH, Texas The Fort Worth Animal Shelter has lowered its adoption prices to $10 for all animals because the shelter is so overcrowded.

So far in January, the shelter has brought in more than 600 animals, far above normal.

We are bursting at the seams with adoptable animals that were looking for homes for, Fort Worth Animal Shelter superintendent Jessica Brown said. We need to get some of them out of here, so we really need our community to step up and help us find homes for all of them."

The normal prices are $25 for cats and $49 for dogs, which includes medical treatments costing far more.

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Theyre having a tougher time adopting out larger, older dogs, and theyve had to fill up an outdoor overflow area because theyre taken in more than 100 dogs in the past two days.

Its definitely hard to see dogs that weve all fallen in love with trying to find a home, Brown said. With over 600 animals, we can find a pet for anyone.

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Two hundred animals are being fostered right now, which Brown says is a way to help create room at the shelter. They also need more volunteers.

We do whatever it takes to make sure we have a place for all the animals, Brown said. But its definitely hard.

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