Former ‘DWTS’ dancer says a Utah teacher berated the son he’s adopting over having 2 dads – USA TODAY

A substitute teacher was let go for homophobic remarks she made over a boy waiting to be adopted by his two fathers. Buzz60

A fifth-grade child shared withclassmates that he was gratefulhe was going to be adopted this year by his two foster dads.

The substitute teacher didn't let the words of the11-year-old student pass back in November without letting him know, "Thats nothing to be thankful for, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Utah teacher continued lecturing the class for 30 minutes saying that "homosexuality is wrong,""two men living together is a sin," and "why on earth would you be happy about that?

Three girls asked the teacher before leaving the classroom and getting the principal. The teacher was escorted from theDeerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, south of Salt Lake City.

One of the boy's foster fathers,Louis van Amstel, who was on multiple seasons of "Dancing With the Stars,"said he wonders how the teacher was allowed in the classroom to begin with.

"This situation really hurt him. This person really hurt us," he said.

He expressed his thanks insocial videos to the girls who spoke out,and said he was toldthe teacher was"never going to teach in this school ever again."

The boy told his dads, van Amstel and his husband, Josh,that he didnt speak out against the teacher because of two previous failed adoptions, saying he didnt want his dads to rethink their decisionwith his final court hearing coming up on Dec. 19.

Alpine School District Spokesman DavidStephenson told USA TODAY the "school took appropriate action that day based upon their investigation," but did not comment further.


"I'm truly disgusted that the bully in this situation is a teacher in a public school," van Amstelcontinued in a Twitter thread.

Daysafter the incident, the familys neighbors decorated their house with paper hearts, saying,We love you and We support you.

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Former 'DWTS' dancer says a Utah teacher berated the son he's adopting over having 2 dads - USA TODAY

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