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The Conns are a family of five, but they don't feel complete yet.

"We love kids, and we want a big family," said Ryan Conn as his three young children sat next to him and his wife, Natalie.

Ryan said they want more children, but this time they want to adopt. "Natalie went and said a prayer and said 'Lord, if this isthe path you have for us, let us know,'" he said. Two days later they got a message on Facebook about a 1-year-old girl named Monique.

Monique is in an orphanage in the Congo. She was abandoned at a military base at birth. Natalie and Ryan filed an intent to adopt form. Natalie said she's hoping the little girl will be in their family photos soon.

It isn't that easy, though.

Adoption attorney Greg Northcutt said the process isdifferent for everybody, but international adoption can be easier. "Those kids, most of the time, have parental rights terminated," he explained. "And they are in an orphanage and just needing a place to go."

But money is another hurdle for many families.

"(There are) lawyer fees, medical fees,there are fees everywhere," said Ryan. They have been reaching out to the community for help with those costs. Their fundraiser,Kiss The Pig,raised $2,800. They are starting to plan for another round of kissing the pig to reach their goal of $40,000.

They have also put "Conns 4 Congo" signs around Paducah to get donations.

Northcutt said adoptions can range in price. Local adoptions are less expensive than international, because you have to deal with two separate governments and travel.

Northcutt said there is a federal tax credit to help prospective parents afford adoption. The credit can cover up to $14,000 of the costs.

The Conns are hoping they will have Monique in a year.

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Family speaks out about adoption struggles - WPSD Local 6

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